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InterNET Services World Wide Headquarters... Fort Mill, SC.

We are proud to bring you the story of our continued success in providing superior Business Support Meetings and Materials to Independent Business Owners World Wide.

Today InterNET Services has grown into a vast source of education, inspiration and motivation helping people around the world to learn this highly effective system for building successful lives and businesses. Headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, InterNET Services currently operates from 365,000 square feet of office and warehouse space and has offices in approximately 20 countries across the world. Here, our staff of experienced professionals join forces with top-producing leaders to see that all Independent Business Owners affiliated with InterNET Services receive the absolute best in information and training on issues such as new product introductions, upcoming events and international market expansions. Our extensive production and duplication facilities allow us to offer an excellent selection of high quality business support materials including videos, audios, printed brochures and computer software in numerous languages, which makes it easy to learn the InterNET Services system and to share this powerful business with others.

You've seen the headlines on the covers of the world's most prominent magazines: "The Strange New World of the Internet," "The Complete Guide to the Internet," "Should You Get on the Internet?" Well, we all know these headlines refer to the vast computer information highway. What everyone doesn't know about yet is InterNET, the personal business support network with a heart. How exactly does InterNET support you and your business in this exciting information and knowledge-based interactive age? Let's cite several ways.

Technology In an ever-changing, high-tech world it's necessary to focus on business technology in order to make life simpler, more effective, and efficient. We at InterNET are involved in many initiatives with you and your business in mind. Our goal is to "uncomplicate" your life by providing high-tech, high-touch solutions. Friendships and Relationships But perhaps most important, InterNET's network offers you the opportunity to form strong, meaningful friendships and relationships with people throughout the world. And these friendships and relationships are the foundation of your business - and ours. The Future Is Now

InterNET and the Yager organization's innovative practices, personal relationships and technology have always been key elements in our shared vision. InterNET's continued commitment to a Global Vision and to be Results Driven will enable us to serve you today and well beyond.

Get connected through your Business Support Team and stay plugged in to InterNET... the network with a heart!