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Steven T. Yager - Senior Vice President of Global Operations
Steven T. Yager
Sr. Vice President
Global Operations
Jeffrey S.Yager - President
Jeffrey S. Yager
Doyle L. Yager - Senior Vice President of Business Development
Doyle L. Yager
Sr. Vice President
Business Development
The successful partnership between Altico Inc., InterNET Services and Independent Business Owners(IBO) is definitely one we're all extremely proud of, but the most exciting thing is we are growing every day.

From our state-of-the-art facility to ensure we continue to provide the independent business owners (IBOs) with every advantage when it comes to building their own successful business. We consider it our responsibility to do everything in our power to see that ordinary people are able to achieve extraordinary dreams, and we look forward to seeing that commitment through well into the twenty-first century and beyond. As we continue down the road to the Next Millennium, any feedback, suggestions or thoughts concerning the website, InterNET products or processes is appreciated.

So stay tuned! You are on the path toward success and achievement and it is our mission to help you grow your business and make use of these new technologies.